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How long is the delivery time?
The delivery of products from the Nilson collection is about 8 weeks. Shorter delivery times are possible often.
What is the difference between Medium, Firm and Extra Firm?
The firmness of the mattress is determined by the springs that are used in the mattresses. The firmness of the springs is determined by the thickness of the springs. Which mattress to choose the best depends on your weight and your desires.
As regards the solidity we usually use the following catagories: < 70 kg Medium, 70 - 90 kg Firm, > 90 kg Extra Firm.
What is the lifespan of a bed?
A bed which is constructed from durable (natural) materials will last longer than a bed which is built up from modern materials. A Nilson bed with natural materials will normally last about 25 years.
What items can be personalized?
All products in the Nilson collection can be customized. In addition, you can go for your own design at Nilson.
Which headboards can be equipped with lighting?
All of the headboards may be equipped with lights and switches. For questions about this, please contact us.
What is the price of a Nilson bed?
The price of a Nilson bed depends on the size and materials. A bed with natural materials is more precious than a bed with modern materials. For more information, we advise you to contact us.
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