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News | Nilson presents ‘Bedroom Jewels’ by Roelfien Vos


‘Haute couture’ in the bedroom

For the person who loves to indulge in the atmosphere of a boutique hotel, the new bed design of Nilson will be especially attractive. Interior designer Roelfien Vos was given free reign and she designed ‘jewels’ for the bedroom for Nilson: a wonderfully comfortable bed, a magnificent headboard and matching accessories. All made from luxurious shiny materials that form a perfect unity together – comparable to ‘haute couture’.

Bedroom Jewels 
As an interior decorator, Roelfien likes to be inspired by haute couture, but also by jewels. “Jewelry is an important accessory with which you can emphasize your personal style. With furniture and living accessories you can emphasize the style of your home. That is how I came up with the idea of ‘interior jewels’,” Roelfien shares. The concept was created during the sketching phase of a carpet. Roelfien was inspired by the shape of rings for this project. “This turned out to be so beautiful that I translated the idea for Nilson into a bed and a headboard.” The headboard has become a very decorative array of lines formed into circles. The variety of open and closed forms and materials ensure a lot of dynamics.
Luxurious appearance
The collection Bedroom Jewels is expanded with a matching clothes rack, mirror, and nightstands. All furniture has been finished with a combination of velour, messing and onyx. A good balance was reached between hard and soft materials. The luxurious appearance speaks to the imagination and subtly bridges jewels and interior. Roelfien: “The circles that reappear in the different parts of the design create a sense of intimacy, kind of like an embrace.”

“At Nilson we like to surprise and inspire, with high quality sleep comfort and renewed designs,” says Nilson founder Rijnder Fluit. “With Roelfien Vos we share the same values where comfort and quality are concerned. Roelfien has her own style that is a beautiful addition to the Nilson collection. The result of our cooperation is a beautiful modern design with the grandeur of the Parisian catwalks. Of course, the sleep comfort is also of the best quality and the bed can be made to size. With beautiful satin sheets, luxurious plaids and fitting ornamental pillows we make it complete!”
About Nilson Beds
Nilson Beds is specialized in sleep comfort of high quality. All beds are made to size of the best (natural) materials and designed by top designers. The beds are produced manually in the Netherlands. Nilson offers a unique concept because of a complete collection of beds and headboards, with accessories such as furniture, down comforters. Pillows and bed linens. Included in the target group are clients from our country and abroad: interior architects, hotels, and private persons.

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